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This is a public-facing MediaWiki installation, hosted on my server. Mostly the content here is used by WordPress for integration into my main websites.

The beautiful animated gif in the upper right hand corner is from WikiComons, and is described by its author like this:

The animation of the Julia set for the complex quadratic polinomial fc(z)=z^2+C. Values of C for each frame evaluates by equation: C=r*cos(a)+i*r*sin(a), where: a=(0..2*Pi), r=0.7885. Thus, parameter С outlines circle with a radius r=0.7885 and a center at origin of the complex plane. Created in Matlab R2011b using escape-time algorithm:A=10e6, max_iter=81. Colormap - mirorred jet(40).

It can be access here: