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This is a public-facing MediaWiki installation, hosted on my server. Mostly the content here is used by WordPress for integration into my my website.

Previously, I had some Kundalini Software-related content in here, but I moved all of that to

The beautiful animated gif in the upper right hand corner is from WikiComons, and is described by its author like this:

The animation of the Julia set for the complex quadratic polinomial fc(z)=z^2+C. Values of C for each frame evaluates by equation: C=r*cos(a)+i*r*sin(a), where: a=(0..2*Pi), r=0.7885. Thus, parameter С outlines circle with a radius r=0.7885 and a center at origin of the complex plane. Created in Matlab R2011b using escape-time algorithm:A=10e6, max_iter=81. Colormap - mirorred jet(40).

It can be access here: